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Manufacturer of Zeotex products based on 100% natural, ultra-fine zeolite processed with protected VEN technology. 

Mevex - Zeotex Premium Natural Zeolite

Our Story

Quickened everyday life has become very common to all of us, and in our accelerated lifestyle, we often forget to take proper care of ourselves and our environment.

Exactly because of this, we wanted products that are not only natural and give one his greatest blessings, but products that contribute to nature to the same extent.

We truly believe that nature is the greatest wealth of mankind. In the nature lies the true strength, and by respecting its resources, it brings to people a fortune! With this idea, WE were born - Mevex d.o.o.

 Zeotex Family Premium Natural Zeolite Detox


It is the main raw material of our products. Zeolite is a completely natural mineral of volcanic origin that has a very strong detoxifying and beneficial effect.

Zeolite is revolutionary in all areas of activity is proven by many scientific studies conducted around the world.

Our products range from those for human use to those for pets, livestock, and agriculture. It is the extraordinary wealth and uniqueness of Mevex – a cycle of action that includes caring for man, nature, and animals – the most important participants of our lives!

 Zeotex Family Premium Natural Zeolite Detox

About us

Mevex d.o.o. is a manufacturer of Zeotex products based on 100% natural, ultra-fine zeolite produced with protected VEN technology. Our VEN technology is specially designed to produce the smallest energized zeolite particles which make Zeotex products special.

Mevex has its own processing manufactory and our products are manufactured under strictly controlled conditions. From the processing of raw materials to packaging and declaration, communication with you to the preparation of shipments to your doorstep.

All of this is WE, fully involved in the whole process, and that is why we have the most important thing for us – trust in our products and love for what we do. Although the idea started much earlier, Mevex d.o.o. has been in business since 2018. With all of you, we look forward to writing new lines of our story!

Your Mevex team

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